Clandon House & Gardens - Onslow Family Donors

Clandon House - A Gift to the Nation

The Onslow family took great pride in the decision to gift Clandon House and its 7 acre garden to the Nation. Already open to the public, the promise of its long term care and preservation, so that visitors could enjoy its beauty for ever, was their paramount aim when the gift was made from the Onslow Family Trust. Lady Gwendolyn Iveagh, the 7th Earl of Onslow's aunt was the Trustee of the Onslow Trust and she authorised the gift because the 7th Earl (the sole beneficiary of the Onslow Trust) was a minor at the time. She also arranged a handsome endowment for the property. The National Trust required this financial endowment for the restoration and upkeep of the property. 

The Fire

There are no words that could start to describe the heartbreak that the Onslow family felt when their much treasured historic family home was destroyed. 

The Future

Who knows what the future holds for  Clandon House and its 7 acre garden. Will it be restored to its former glory as is befitting a Grade I Listed house ? Surely if this cannot be done then it should at least be allowed to keep its integrity (even if this means it should be left as a ruin).