Clandon Park, Guildford - Lectures Talks and Courses 2018/19

CONSERVATION GRAZING - Not always the answer ?

Clandon Park

May 2019


This will be the second time this will have been included in our adult education and specialist courses at Clandon Park near Guildford. We hope to welcome between 40-60 members. 



June 2019

There will be places available for 10 students/smallholders.

This will be the first time we have included sheep shearing in our lectures and courses programme. It promises to be a very educational.

Bookings will be taken from April 16th 2019



June 2019

Richard is an accomplished author and arguably the Worlds expert on British blue-printed  transferware.   He was born into a family of antiquarian book specialists and their name has long been associated  with the world of antiques. His late mother, the highly respected Transferware specialist Rosemary Halliday, introduced Richard to blue and white when he was a boy and he was immediately captivated. 

Further details of this exciting talk will be published here soon. 

30 SEASONS Of FOALING - 'A Stud Groom's View'

Clandon Park

June 2019

5.15 Meet at Clandon Park Livery Stables. 

Drive to the Stud and Quarantine Area. Soft drinks served.  

5.30 Part 1. Lecture by the Swimming Lake. 

6.30 10 minute break.

6.40 - 7.15pm Part 2

The Countess of Onslow BHSI. (Stablemanager) 

Lady Onslow was born in Leicestershire. She spent much of her youth on her fathers 600 acre farmland holding where land management, sustainable forestry management, livestock and arable farming and farm diversification projects such as as an Equestrian Centre and Stud were based. Apart from her long term  passion and important work involving the environment, she has gained over 30yrs experience in the management of stallions, mares and foals at the Stud (albeit it started out as an interesting hobby !) .  She first assisted in a complicated delivery of a foal when she was just 10yrs old. Her parents were visiting friends and she was 'home alone' when she noticed that one of the broodmares was behaving 'strangely'. She telephoned the local veterinary surgeon and was thrilled to be told by the vet that she had saved the lives of both the mare and the foal. From that day forth Lady Onslow assisted the veterinary surgeon on many occasions and over the years since has delivered more than 200 foals at her own Killowen Stud (soon to move to Clandon Park when it will be renamed as the Clandon Park Stud) 

Over the years of being present during the delivery of foals (and lambs, kids, piglets, calves and puppies !) she has been faced with many extraordinary circumstances, some highly humerous and a few genuinly rare emergencies when a veterinary surgeon has been urgently  required.

Lady Onslow's talk will cover the highlights of these special moments. 

This lively talk is not only suitable for horse owners who have a broodmare but also for all those who love and care for horses. Her shared experiences should also provide some valuable insight for veterinary students or young Equine Veterinary Surgeons just starting out on their career.

There will be places available for up to 30 delegates. 


Clandon Park

Provisional Date July 2019

Kenton Rogers. MICFor., CEnv., MSc For, M.Arbor.A., FRGS.

Kenton is an forestry consultant and has worked in the industry for over fifteen years starting out as a field technician with Forest Research prior to obtaining a diploma in forest management from the National school of Forestry at Newton Rigg.

Since then Kenton has worked as Estate Forester for the Duke of Wellington.

He has been involved in high profile tree projects in Canada, Germany,  Cyprus and North Africa, for example, providing consultation on the  Global Forest Partnership project delivered by the World Bank and presenting on the conservation of rare conifers at the World Forestry Congress in Buenos Aires.

Kenton is also a Trustee of the International Tree Foundation, a Chartered Environmentalist, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the co-founder of Treeconomics.

There will be places available for up to 60 students.

Full details will be published here this spring. 


Clandon Park

Provisional date July 2019

Jack Day BA, VetMB, M.R.C.V.S

Rossdales Veterinary Surgeon

Jack is originally from Leicester and qualified from the University of Cambridge in 2013. An established horseman, Jack is a former event rider, was Master of Cambridge University Draghounds for four seasons and now rides regularly in point-to-points. He is a Veterinary Surgeon at Rossdales in Newmarket specialising leg injuries and ailments that affect horses in training. Rossdales is the largest dedicated equine veterinary practice in the UK offering first opinion, referral and emergency veterinary services (24 hrs, 365 days a year).  Their Newmarket 'on the road' vets provide a first class service and clinical excellence to  racehorse trainers, stud farms and sport and leisure horse owners. Their world-renowned Equine Hospital and Diagnostic Centre provides specialist referral services for their clients and for referring veterinary surgeons throughout UK and Europe.

There will be places available for up to 30 students. 

Full details will be published here this spring. 

ART - Organic Sculpture

Clandon Park

August 2019

John Humphries 

John Humphreys was born in Salford and studied at Rochdale College of Art, Gloucester College of Art and Design and The Royal Academy of Art. 

Having worked in the film industry he fuses fine art with his experience of special effects which creates sculpture that confuses the viewer.


His concern with distorted dimensions presents a fresh and interesting way of exploring sculpture. His sculpture is challenging conventional perceptions of space and hinting at a fourth dimension.


A fine art sculptor, his work in film and television includes projects such as Dr Who, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Rob Roy, Max Headroom and Alexander. He also created the alien for 'Alien Autopsy', the black and white film that launched worldwide controversy around a UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico. Humphreys' work is collected internationally by Mick Fleetwood and many other private collectors.


John Humphreys' work is a fusion of the mediums of film, figurative and abstract sculpture. His sculptures urge the onlooker to think like the artist; to resolve what is laid before them. They reference emotions like shock or trauma; situations that alter our state of mind and how we see things. We are forced to look harder and think more deeply.


There will be places available for up to 60 students.

Full details will be published here June 2019.

ART - Private Onslow Collection

Clandon Park Art Collection

October 2018 - May 2019 - July 2019

There will be places available for up to 30 students for each visit.

Fuether details for next years Autumn talks will be published here in August 2019

CRAFTY - In the Countryside.


Dates to be advised